The Clock

The system display the current in the form of a fully customisable analogue clock. The clock can be customised to the max with the facility to change the style of the hands, hide the sceond hand, define custom symbols and more. Below is a brief outline of the clock configuration from the master configuration file:

KeyFormat / Example ValueDescription
#OffSet1:00HH:MM - Clock Time Offset from Computer Clock Time
PaperWhiteClock background colour
#Pictureislam.gifImage to be displayed as clock background
Change FaceHrFor future developement
Change PictureHrFor future development
Face ListFace1, Face2For future development
Picture Listbg2.jpg, islamic.jpgFor future development
Size490,490Clock size
Symbols12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11Comma separated list of labels to show. Blank=donít show e.g. XII, I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI or 12, i, ii, 3, iv, v, 6, a, b, 9, c, d
Symbols-FontEngravers MTDisplay font for clock symbols
Symbols-StyleBoldFont style: Bold, Regular, Underlined
Symbols-InkBlackForeground Colour
Symbols-Size30,15,15,30,15,15,30,15,15,30,15,15Comma separated list of size for each clock symbol
Clock Hands
Hand-Hr-ShowYesShow Hour hand
Hand-Hr-InkBlackClolor of Hour Hand
Hand-Hr-StyleRegularRegular, Pointed
Hand-Hr-Size55,10Relatve (1-100) length of hand: Hand, Tail
Hand-Hr-Width10Hr Hand Width
Hand-Min-ShowYesShow minute Hand
Hand-Min-InkBlackColour of the Minute Hand
Hand-Min-StyleRegularRegular, Pointed
Hand-Min-Size75,15Relatve (1-100) length of hand: Hand, Tail
Hand-Min-Width10Minute Hand Width
Hand-Sec-ShowNoShow seconds hand
Hand-Sec-InkBlackColour of the Second Hand
Hand-Sec-StylePointedRegular, Pointed
Hand-Sec-Size93,10Relatve (1-100) length of hand: Hand, Tail
Hand-Sec-Width20Second Hand Width
SecAtEnd-ShowYesDisplay seconds as a moving spot around the clock
SecAtEnd-InkBlackColour of the Seconds-at-End Spot
SecAtEnd-Width12Width of the Seconds-at-End Spot
SecAtEnd-Length5Length of the Seconds-at-End Spot
SecAtEnd-TrailNoLeave a trail as the seconds tick
Centre-ShowNoDisplay clcok center point
Centre-InkWhiteColour of clock center point
Centre-Radius3Center point size
Centre-StyleStar8Regular, Star8, Octagon, Custom